Books on Cryptography .

Applied Cryptography

Internet Security, Cryptography principles, algorithms and protocols
M. Y. Rhee, Wiley, 2003.
Cryptographic Security Architecture
P. Gutmann, Springer, 2004.
Understanding and Applying Cryptography and Data Security
A. J. Elbirt, CRC Press, 2009.
Cryptographic Engineering
C. Kaya K., Springer, 2009.
Cryptography Engineering, Design Principles and Practical Applications
N. Ferguson, B. Schneier, T. Kohno, Wiley Publishing, 2010.
Digital Signatures
J. Katz, Springer, 2010.
Practical Signcryption
A. W. Dent, Y. Zheng, Springer, 2010.
Secure Integrated Circuits and Systems
I. Verbauwhede, Springer, 2010.
Towards Hardware-Intrinsic Security
A. Sadeghi, D. Naccache, Springer, 2010.
Applied Cryptography for Cyber Security and Defense
H. Nemati, L. Yang, Information Science Reference, 2011.
Security Trends for FPGAS
B. Badrignans, J. Danger, V. Fischer, G. Gogniat, L. Torres, Springer, 2011.
Introduction to Hardware Security and Trust
M. Tehranipoor, C. Wang, Springer, 2012.
Algebraic Circuits
A. Lloris, E. Castillo, L. Parrilla, A. García, Springer, 2014.
Hardware Security: Design, Threats, and Safeguards
D. Mukhopadlhyay, R. S. Chakraborty, CRC Press, 2014.
Cryptogrphy in Constant Parallel Time
B. Applebaum, Springer, 2014.
Computation, Cryptography, and Network Security
N. J. Daras, M. Rassias, Springer, 2015.

Fundamental and Theoretical Cryptography

Modern Cryptography, Probabilistic Proofs and Pseudorandomness
O. Goldreich, Springer, 1999.
Fundations of Cryptography
O. Goldreich, Cambridge University Press, 2001.
Protocols for Authentication and Key Establishment
C. Boyd, A. Mathuria, Springer, 2003.
Complexity Theory and Cryptology. An Introduction to Cryptocomplexity
J. Rothe , Springer, 2005.
Contemporary Cryptology
D. Catalano, R. Cramer, I. Damgård, G. D. Crescenzo, D. Pointcheval, T. Takagi, Springer, 2005.
Complexity and Cryptography, An Introduction
J. Talbot, D. Welsh, Cambridge University Press, 2006.
Concurrent Zero Knowledge
A. Rosen, Springer, 2006.
Formal Correctness of Security Protocols
G. Bella, Springer, 2007.
Principles of Protocol Design
R. Sharp, Springer, 2008.
Introduction to Modern Cryptography
J. Katz, Y. Lindell, Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2008.
Efficient Secure Two-Party Protocols: Techniques and Constructions
C. Hazay, Y. Lindell, Springer, 2010.
Black-Box Models of Computation in Cryptology
T. Jager, Springer, 2012.
Cryptographic Protocol
L. Dong, K. Chen, Springer, 2012.
Engineering Secure Two Party Computation Protocols
T. Schneider, Springer, 2012.
Operational Semantics and Verification of Security Protocols
C. Cremers, S. Mauw, Springer, 2012.
Cryptography in Constant Parallel Time
B. Applebaum, Springer, 2014.

Aplications of the Cryptography

Secure Systems Development with UML
J. J\ddot{u}rjens, Springer, 2005.
Networked RFID Systems and Lightweight Cryptography
P.H. Cole, D. C. Ranasinghe, Springer, 2008.
Security Engineering for Vehicular IT Systems: Improving the Trustworthiness and Dependability of Automotive IT Applications
M. Wolf, Vieweg+Teubner Verlag, 2009.
Encryption for Digital Content
A. Kiayias, S. Pehlivanoglu, Springer, 2010.
Security in Embedded Devices
C. Gebotys, Springer, 2010.
Securing Wireless Communications at the Physical Layer
R. Liu, W. Trappe, Springer, 2010.
Securing Digital Video
E. Diehl, Springer, 2012.
Visual Cryptography and Secret Image Sharing
S. Cimato, C. Yang, CRC Press, 2012.
Security for Wireless Sensor Networks using Identity-Based Cryptography
H. K. Patil, S. A. Szygenda, CRC Press, 2012.
Image Encryption: A Communication Perspective
F. El-Samie, H. Ahmed, I. Elashry, M. Shahieen, O. Faragallah, E. El-Rabaie, S. Alshebeili, CRC Press, 2013.
Security and Privacy in Biometrics
P. Campisi, Springer, 2013.
Security and Privacy in Mobile Social Networks
X. Liang, R. Lu, X. Lin, X. Shen, Springer, 2013.
Security and Privacy in Social Networks
Y. Altshuler, Y. Elovici, A. B. Cremers, N. Aharony, A. Pentland, Springer, 2013.
Secure Smart Embedded Devices, Platforms and Applications
K. Markantonakis, K. Mayes, Springer, 2014.
Visual Cryptography for Image Processing and Security
F. Liu, W.Q. Yan, Springer, 2014.
Understanding Bitcoin
P. Franco, Wiley, 2015.
Guide to Security Assurance for Cloud Computing
S.Y. Zhu, R.Hill, M. Trovati, Springer, 2015.

Symetric Cryptography

The Design of RijndaeL: AES - The Advanced Encryption Standard
J. Daemen, V. Rijmen, Springer, 2002.
Data-driven Block Ciphers for Fast Telecommunication Systems
N. Moldovyan, A. Moldovyan, Auerbach Publication, 2007.
New Stream Cipher Designs: The eSTREAM Finalists
M. Robshaw, O. Billet, Springer, 2008.
Novel Design of Block Cipher Cryptosystem: Analysis, Design and Implementation
K. C. Leung, VDM Verlag, 2009.
Hard Disk Encryption with Block Ciphers: Common Attacks and Modes of Operation
T. Wenninger, VDM Verlag, 2010.
The Block Cipher Companion
L. R. Knudsen, M. Robshaw, IOS Press, 2011.
Advanced Linear Cryptanalysis of Block and Stream Ciphers
P.Junod , A. Canteaut, IOS Press, 2011.
RC4 Stream Cipher and Its Variants
G. Paul, S. Maitra, CRC Press, 2012.
A survey on Block Cipher Modes of Operation: their differences and possible applications
A. Gabriel, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, , 2012.
Stream Ciphers
A. Klein, Springer, 2013.
The Hash Function BLAKE
J. Aumasson, W. Meier, R. Phan, L. Henzen, Springer, 2014.
Security of Block Ciphers: From Algorithm Design to Hardware Implementation
K. Sakiyama, Y. Sasaki, Y. Li Wiley, 2016.


Applied Cryptanalysis
M. Stamp, R. M. Low, Wiley, 2007.
Power Analysis Attacks: Revealing the Secrets of Smart Cards
S. Mangard, E. Oswald, T. Popp, Springer, 2007.
Modern Cryptanalysis: Techniques for Advanced Code Breaking
C. Swenson, Wiley, 2008.
Algebraic Cryptanalysis
G. Bard, Springer, 2009.
Algorithmic Cryptanalysis
A. Joux, CRC Press , 2009.
Power Analysis Side Channel Attacks: The Processor Design-level Context
J. Ambrose, A. Ignjaatovic, S. Parameswaran, VDM Verlag Dr. Müller , 2010.
Advanced Statistical Steganalysis
R. Böhme, CRC Press , 2010.
Faul Analysis in Cryptography
M. Joye, M. Tunstall, Springer, 2012.
Quantum Attacks on Public-Key Cryptosystems
S. Y. Yan, Springer, 2013.
Advanced DPA Theory and Practice: Towards the Security Limits of Secure Embedded Circuits
E. Peeters, Springer, 2013 .
Why Cryptography Should Not Rely on Physical Attack Complexity
J. Krämer, Springer, 2015.
Timing Channels in Cryptography: A Micro-Architectural Perspective
C. Rabeiro, D. Mukhopadhyay, S. Bhattacharya, Springer, 2015.

General Cryptography

Handbook of Applied Cryptography
A.J. Menezes, P.C. van Oorschot, S. A. Vanstone, CRC Press, 1996.
Decrypted Secrets. Methods and Maxims of Cryptology
F.L. Bauer, Springer, 1997.
Encyclopedia of Cryptography and Security
H. C. Tilborg, Springer, 2005.
User's Guide to Cryptography and Standards
A. W. Dent, C. J. Mitchell, Artech House, 2005.
Cryptography and Introduction
N. Smart, Mcgraw-Hill College, 2004.
Cryptography, Theory and Practice
D. R. Stinson, Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2006.
Classical Introduction To Cryptography Exercise Book
T. Baignères, P. Junod, Y. Lu, J. Monnerat, S. Vaudenay, Sringer, 2006.
Computer Security and Cryptography
A. G. Konheim, Wiley, 2007.
Introduction to Cryptography
H. Delfs, H. Knebl, Springer, 2007.
An Introduction to Mathematical Cryptography
J. Hoffstein, J. Pipher, J. H. Silverman, Springer, 2008.
Understanding Cryptography
C. Paar, J. Pelzl, Springer 2010.
A Brief History of Cryptology and Cryptographic Algorithms
J. F. Dooley, Springer 2013.
Introduction to Cryptography with Maple
J.L. Gómez Pardo, Springer 2013.
Introduction to Public Key Infrastructures
J. A. Buchmann, E. Karatsiolis, A. Wiesmaier, Springer 2013.
Introduction to Modern Cryptography
J. Katz, Y. Lindell, CRC Press 2014.
Cryptography Made Simple
N. P. Smart, Springer 2015.
The New Codebreakers: Essays Dedicated to David Kahn on the Occasion of His 85th Birthday
P.Y.A. Ryan, D. Naccache, J. Quisquater, Springer 2016.

Mathematics and Cryptography

A Course in Number Theory and Cryptography
N. Koblitz, Springer, 1994.
Algebraic Aspects of Cryptography
N. Koblitz, Springer, 1999.
Elliptic Curves in Cryptography
I. Blake, G. Seroussi, N. Smart, Cambridge University Press, 1999.
Guide to Elliptic Curve Cryptography
D. Hankerson, A. Menezes, S. Vanstone, Springer, 2004.
Advances in Elliptic Curve Cryptography
I. Blake, G. Seroussi, N. Smart, Cambridge University Press, 2005.
Algebraic Aspect of the Advanced Encryption Standard
C. Cid, S. Murphy, M. Robshaw, Springer, 2006.
Handbook of Elliptic and hyperelliptic Curve Cryptography
H. Cohen, G. Frey, Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2006.
Group-based Cryptography
A. Myasnikov, V. Shpilrain, A. Ushakov,Birkhäuser , 2008.
Introduction to Identity-Based Encryption
L. Martin, Artech House, 2008.
Identity-Based Cryptography
M. Joye, G. Neven, IOS Press, 2008.
Elliptic Curves: Number Theory and Cryptography
L. C. Washigton, Springer, Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2008.
Algebraic Geometry in Coding Theory and Cryptography
H. Niederreiter, C. Xing, Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2009.
Elementary Number Theory: Primes, Congruences, and Secrets
W. Stein, Springer, 2009.
Finite Automata and Application to Cryptography
R. Tao, Springer, 2009.
Gröbner Bases, Coding and Cryptography
M. Sala, T. Mora, L. Perret, S. Sakata, C. Traverso, Springer, 2009.
Chaos Based Cryptography
L. Kocarev, S. Lian, Springer, 2011.
Identity-Based Encryption
S. Chatterjee, P. Sakar, Springer 2011.
Mathematics of Public Key Cryptography
S. D. Galbraith, Cambridge University Press 2012.
Computational Number Theory and Modern Cryptography
S. Y. Yan, Wiley 2013.
An Introduction to Number Theory with Cryptography
J. S. Kraft, L. C. Washington, Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2013.
Algebraic Curves in Cryptography
S. Ling, H. Wang, C. Xing, CRC Press 2013.
Number Theory and Cryptography: Papers in Honor of Johannes Buchmann on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday.
M. Fischlin, S. Katzenbeisser, Springer 2013.
Open Problems in Mathematics and Computational Science
K. Koç , Springer 2014.
Homomorphic Encryption and Applications
X. Yi, R. Paulet, E. Bertino, Springer 2014.
Boolean Functions and Their Applications in Cryptography
C.K. Wu, D. Feng, Springer 2016.

Quantum and Post-Quantum Cryptography

Quantum Communications and Cryptography
A. V. Sergienko, CRC Press, 2006.
Quantum Cryptography and Secret Key Distillation
G. V. Assche, Cambridge Press, 2006.
Post-Quantum Cryptography
D. J. Bernstein, J. Buchmann, E. Dahmen, Springer, 2009.
The LLL Algorithm
P.Q. Nguyen, B.Vallée, Springer 2010.
Applied Quantum Cryptography
C. Kollmitzer, M. Pivk (editors), Springer, 2010.
Lattices Basis Reduction
M. Bremner, CRC Press, 2012.
Quantum Attacks on Public Key Cryptography
S. Y. Yan, Springer 2013.
Introduction to the Theory of Quantum Information Processing
J. A. Bergou, M. Hillery, Springer 2013.
Post-Quantum Cryptography: Code-based Cryptography and Hash Based Signatures Schemes
V. Gauthier Umaña, Scholars' Press, 2014.
Quantum Computational Number Theory
S. Y. Yan, Springer , 2015.
Principles and Methods of Quantum Information Technologies
Y. Yamamoto, K. Semba, Springer, 2016.
Physical and Data-Link Security Techniques for Future Communication Systems
M. Baldi, S. Tomasin, Springer, 2016.


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