Books on Cryptography .

Mathematics and Cryptography

7026: Algebra for Cryptologists
A. R. Meijer, Springer; Edición: 1st ed. 2016 (2 de septiembre de 2016).
7025: Boolean Functions and Their Applications in Cryptography
C.K. Wu, D. Feng, Springer 2016.
7024: Homomorphic Encryption and Applications
X. Yi, R. Paulet, E. Bertino, Springer 2014.
7023: Open Problems in Mathematics and Computational Science
K. Koç , Springer 2014.
7022: Number Theory and Cryptography: Papers in Honor of Johannes Buchmann on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday.
M. Fischlin, S. Katzenbeisser, Springer 2013.
7021: Algebraic Curves in Cryptography
S. Ling, H. Wang, C. Xing, CRC Press 2013.
7020: An Introduction to Number Theory with Cryptography
J. S. Kraft, L. C. Washington, Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2013.
7019: Computational Number Theory and Modern Cryptography
S. Y. Yan, Wiley 2013.
7018: Mathematics of Public Key Cryptography
S. D. Galbraith, Cambridge University Press 2012.
7017: Identity-Based Encryption
S. Chatterjee, P. Sakar, Springer 2011.
7016: Chaos Based Cryptography
L. Kocarev, S. Lian, Springer, 2011.
7015: Gröbner Bases, Coding and Cryptography
M. Sala, T. Mora, L. Perret, S. Sakata, C. Traverso, Springer, 2009.
7014: Finite Automata and Application to Cryptography
R. Tao, Springer, 2009.
7013: Elementary Number Theory: Primes, Congruences, and Secrets
W. Stein, Springer, 2009.
7012: Algebraic Geometry in Coding Theory and Cryptography
H. Niederreiter, C. Xing, Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2009.
7011: Elliptic Curves: Number Theory and Cryptography
L. C. Washigton, Springer, Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2008.
7010: Identity-Based Cryptography
M. Joye, G. Neven, IOS Press, 2008.
7009: Introduction to Identity-Based Encryption
L. Martin, Artech House, 2008.
7008: Group-based Cryptography
A. Myasnikov, V. Shpilrain, A. Ushakov,Birkhäuser , 2008.
7007: Handbook of Elliptic and hyperelliptic Curve Cryptography
H. Cohen, G. Frey, Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2006.
7006: Algebraic Aspect of the Advanced Encryption Standard
C. Cid, S. Murphy, M. Robshaw, Springer, 2006.
7005: Advances in Elliptic Curve Cryptography
I. Blake, G. Seroussi, N. Smart, Cambridge University Press, 2005.
7004: Guide to Elliptic Curve Cryptography
D. Hankerson, A. Menezes, S. Vanstone, Springer, 2004.
7003: Elliptic Curves in Cryptography
I. Blake, G. Seroussi, N. Smart, Cambridge University Press, 1999.
7002: Algebraic Aspects of Cryptography
N. Koblitz, Springer, 1999.
7001: A Course in Number Theory and Cryptography
N. Koblitz, Springer, 1994.
7000: Elliptic Curve Public Key Cryptosystems
A. J. Menezes , Springer; Edición: 1993 (31 de julio de 1993).

General Cryptography

6018: Cryptography
S. Rubinstein-Salzedo, Springer; Edición: 1st ed. 2018 (28 de septiembre de 2018).
6017: The New Codebreakers: Essays Dedicated to David Kahn on the Occasion of His 85th Birthday
P.Y.A. Ryan, D. Naccache, J. Quisquater, Springer 2016.
6016: Cryptography Made Simple
N. P. Smart, Springer 2015.
6015: Introduction to Modern Cryptography
J. Katz, Y. Lindell, CRC Press 2014.
6014: Introduction to Public Key Infrastructures
J. A. Buchmann, E. Karatsiolis, A. Wiesmaier, Springer 2013.
6013: Introduction to Cryptography with Maple
J.L. Gómez Pardo, Springer 2013.
6012: A Brief History of Cryptology and Cryptographic Algorithms
J. F. Dooley, Springer 2013.
6011: Understanding Cryptography
C. Paar, J. Pelzl, Springer 2010.
6010: An Introduction to Mathematical Cryptography
J. Hoffstein, J. Pipher, J. H. Silverman, Springer, 2008.
6009: Introduction to Cryptography
H. Delfs, H. Knebl, Springer, 2007.
6008: Computer Security and Cryptography
A. G. Konheim, Wiley, 2007.
6007: Classical Introduction To Cryptography Exercise Book
T. Baignères, P. Junod, Y. Lu, J. Monnerat, S. Vaudenay, Sringer, 2006.
6006: Cryptography, Theory and Practice
D. R. Stinson, Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2006.
6005: Cryptography and Introduction
N. Smart, Mcgraw-Hill College, 2004.
6004: User's Guide to Cryptography and Standards
A. W. Dent, C. J. Mitchell, Artech House, 2005.
6003: Encyclopedia of Cryptography and Security
H. C. Tilborg, Springer, 2005.
6002: Decrypted Secrets. Methods and Maxims of Cryptology
F.L. Bauer, Springer, 1997.
6001: Handbook of Applied Cryptography
A.J. Menezes, P.C. van Oorschot, S. A. Vanstone, CRC Press, 1996.

Fundamental and Theoretical Cryptography

5017: Tutorials on the Foundations of Cryptography: Dedicated to Oded Goldreich (Information Security and Cryptography)
Y. Lindell (Editor), Springer; Edición: 1st ed. 2017 (6 de abril de 2017).
5016: Cryptography in Constant Parallel Time
B. Applebaum, Springer, 2014.
5015: Operational Semantics and Verification of Security Protocols
C. Cremers, S. Mauw, Springer, 2012.
5014: Engineering Secure Two Party Computation Protocols
T. Schneider, Springer, 2012.
5013: Cryptographic Protocol
L. Dong, K. Chen, Springer, 2012.
5012: Black-Box Models of Computation in Cryptology
T. Jager, Springer, 2012.
5011: Efficient Secure Two-Party Protocols: Techniques and Constructions
C. Hazay, Y. Lindell, Springer, 2010.
5010: Introduction to Modern Cryptography
J. Katz, Y. Lindell, Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2008.
5009: Principles of Protocol Design
R. Sharp, Springer, 2008.
5008: Formal Correctness of Security Protocols
G. Bella, Springer, 2007.
5007: Concurrent Zero Knowledge
A. Rosen, Springer, 2006.
5006: Complexity and Cryptography, An Introduction
J. Talbot, D. Welsh, Cambridge University Press, 2006.
5005: Contemporary Cryptology
D. Catalano, R. Cramer, I. Damgård, G. D. Crescenzo, D. Pointcheval, T. Takagi, Springer, 2005.
5004: Complexity Theory and Cryptology. An Introduction to Cryptocomplexity
J. Rothe , Springer, 2005.
5003: Protocols for Authentication and Key Establishment
C. Boyd, A. Mathuria, Springer, 2003.
5002: Fundations of Cryptography
O. Goldreich, Cambridge University Press, 2001.
5001: Modern Cryptography, Probabilistic Proofs and Pseudorandomness
O. Goldreich, Springer, 1999.

Applied Cryptography

4035: Computation, Cryptography, and Network Security
N. J. Daras, M. Rassias, Springer, 2015.
4034: Guide to Security Assurance for Cloud Computing
S.Y. Zhu, R.Hill, M. Trovati, Springer, 2015.
4033: Understanding Bitcoin
P. Franco, Wiley, 2015.
4032: Cryptogrphy in Constant Parallel Time
B. Applebaum, Springer, 2014.
4031: Visual Cryptography for Image Processing and Security
F. Liu, W.Q. Yan, Springer, 2014.
4030: Secure Smart Embedded Devices, Platforms and Applications
K. Markantonakis, K. Mayes, Springer, 2014.
4029: Hardware Security: Design, Threats, and Safeguards
D. Mukhopadlhyay, R. S. Chakraborty, CRC Press, 2014.
4029: Algebraic Circuits
A. Lloris, E. Castillo, L. Parrilla, A. García, Springer, 2014.
4028: Security and Privacy in Social Networks
Y. Altshuler, Y. Elovici, A. B. Cremers, N. Aharony, A. Pentland, Springer, 2013.
4027: Security and Privacy in Mobile Social Networks
X. Liang, R. Lu, X. Lin, X. Shen, Springer, 2013.
4026: Security and Privacy in Biometrics
P. Campisi, Springer, 2013.
4025: Image Encryption: A Communication Perspective
F. El-Samie, H. Ahmed, I. Elashry, M. Shahieen, O. Faragallah, E. El-Rabaie, S. Alshebeili, CRC Press, 2013.
4024: Introduction to Hardware Security and Trust
M. Tehranipoor, C. Wang, Springer, 2012.
4023: Security for Wireless Sensor Networks using Identity-Based Cryptography
H. K. Patil, S. A. Szygenda, CRC Press, 2012.
4022: Visual Cryptography and Secret Image Sharing
S. Cimato, C. Yang, CRC Press, 2012.
4021: Securing Digital Video
E. Diehl, Springer, 2012.
4020: Security Trends for FPGAS
B. Badrignans, J. Danger, V. Fischer, G. Gogniat, L. Torres, Springer, 2011.
4019: Applied Cryptography for Cyber Security and Defense
H. Nemati, L. Yang, Information Science Reference, 2011.
4018: Implementing SSL/TLS
J. Davies (Author), Wiley; Edición: 1 (11 de enero de 2011).
4017: Towards Hardware-Intrinsic Security
A. Sadeghi, D. Naccache, Springer, 2010.
4016: Secure Integrated Circuits and Systems
I. Verbauwhede, Springer, 2010.
4015: Practical Signcryption
A. W. Dent, Y. Zheng, Springer, 2010.
4014: Digital Signatures
J. Katz, Springer, 2010.
4013: Securing Wireless Communications at the Physical Layer
R. Liu, W. Trappe, Springer, 2010.
4012: Security in Embedded Devices
C. Gebotys, Springer, 2010.
4011: Encryption for Digital Content
A. Kiayias, S. Pehlivanoglu, Springer, 2010.
4010: Cryptography Engineering, Design Principles and Practical Applications
N. Ferguson, B. Schneier, T. Kohno, Wiley Publishing, 2010.
4009: Cryptographic Engineering
C. Kaya K., Springer, 2009.
4008: Security Engineering for Vehicular IT Systems: Improving the Trustworthiness and Dependability of Automotive IT Applications
M. Wolf, Vieweg+Teubner Verlag, 2009.
4007: Understanding and Applying Cryptography and Data Security
A. J. Elbirt, CRC Press, 2009.
4006: Secure Multi-Party Non-Repudiation Protocols and Applications (Advances in Information Security)
J. A. Onieva (Author), J. Zhou (Author), Springer; Edición: 1st Edition. 2nd Printing. 2008 (2 de diciembre de 2008).
4005: Networked RFID Systems and Lightweight Cryptography
P.H. Cole, D. C. Ranasinghe, Springer, 2008.
4004: Secure Systems Development with UML
J. Jürjens, Springer, 2005.
4003: Cryptographic Security Architecture
P. Gutmann, Springer, 2004.
4002: Internet Security, Cryptography principles, algorithms and protocols
M. Y. Rhee, Wiley, 2003.
4001: Network Security with OpenSSL
J. Viega , M. Messier, P. Chandra , Wiley, 2003.

Symetric Cryptography

3013: Security of Block Ciphers: From Algorithm Design to Hardware Implementation
K. Sakiyama, Y. Sasaki, Y. Li Wiley, 2016.
3012: The Hash Function BLAKE
J. Aumasson, W. Meier, R. Phan, L. Henzen, Springer, 2014.
3011: Symmetric Cryptographic Protocols
M. Ramkumar (Author), Springer; Edición: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2014 (28 de octubre de 2016)
3010: Stream Ciphers
A. Klein, Springer, 2013.
3009: A survey on Block Cipher Modes of Operation: their differences and possible applications
A. Gabriel, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, , 2012.
3008: RC4 Stream Cipher and Its Variants
G. Paul, S. Maitra, CRC Press, 2012.
3007: Advanced Linear Cryptanalysis of Block and Stream Ciphers
P.Junod , A. Canteaut, IOS Press, 2011.
3006: The Block Cipher Companion
L. R. Knudsen, M. Robshaw, IOS Press, 2011.
3005: Hard Disk Encryption with Block Ciphers: Common Attacks and Modes of Operation
T. Wenninger, VDM Verlag, 2010.
3004: Novel Design of Block Cipher Cryptosystem: Analysis, Design and Implementation
K. C. Leung, VDM Verlag, 2009.
3003: New Stream Cipher Designs: The eSTREAM Finalists
M. Robshaw, O. Billet, Springer, 2008.
3002: Data-driven Block Ciphers for Fast Telecommunication Systems
N. Moldovyan, A. Moldovyan, Auerbach Publication, 2007.
3001: Algebraic Aspects of the Advanced Encryption Standard
C. Cid, S. Murphy, M. Robshaw (Authors), Springer; Edición: 2006 (16 de agosto de 2006).
3000: The Design of RijndaeL: AES - The Advanced Encryption Standard
J. Daemen, V. Rijmen, Springer, 2002.


2012: Timing Channels in Cryptography: A Micro-Architectural Perspective
C. Rabeiro, D. Mukhopadhyay, S. Bhattacharya, Springer, 2015.
2011: Why Cryptography Should Not Rely on Physical Attack Complexity
J. Krämer, Springer, 2015.
2010: Advanced DPA Theory and Practice: Towards the Security Limits of Secure Embedded Circuits
E. Peeters, Springer, 2013 .
2009: Quantum Attacks on Public-Key Cryptosystems
S. Y. Yan, Springer, 2013.
2008: Faul Analysis in Cryptography
M. Joye, M. Tunstall, Springer, 2012.
2007: Advanced Statistical Steganalysis
R. Böhme, CRC Press , 2010.
2006: Power Analysis Side Channel Attacks: The Processor Design-level Context
J. Ambrose, A. Ignjaatovic, S. Parameswaran, VDM Verlag Dr. Müller , 2010.
2005: Algorithmic Cryptanalysis
A. Joux, CRC Press , 2009.
2004: Algebraic Cryptanalysis
G. Bard, Springer, 2009.
2003: Modern Cryptanalysis: Techniques for Advanced Code Breaking
C. Swenson, Wiley, 2008.
2002: Power Analysis Attacks: Revealing the Secrets of Smart Cards
S. Mangard, E. Oswald, T. Popp, Springer, 2007.
2001: Applied Cryptanalysis
M. Stamp, R. M. Low, Wiley, 2007.

Quantum and Post-Quantum Cryptography

1012: Physical and Data-Link Security Techniques for Future Communication Systems
M. Baldi, S. Tomasin, Springer, 2016.
1011: Principles and Methods of Quantum Information Technologies
Y. Yamamoto, K. Semba, Springer, 2016.
1010: Quantum Computational Number Theory
S. Y. Yan, Springer , 2015.
1009: Post-Quantum Cryptography: Code-based Cryptography and Hash Based Signatures Schemes
V. Gauthier Umaña, Scholars' Press, 2014.
1008: Introduction to the Theory of Quantum Information Processing
J. A. Bergou, M. Hillery, Springer 2013.
1007: Quantum Attacks on Public Key Cryptography
S. Y. Yan, Springer 2013.
1006: Lattices Basis Reduction
M. Bremner, CRC Press, 2012.
1005: Applied Quantum Cryptography
C. Kollmitzer, M. Pivk (editors), Springer, 2010.
1004: The LLL Algorithm
P.Q. Nguyen, B.Vallée, Springer 2010.
1003: Post-Quantum Cryptography
D. J. Bernstein, J. Buchmann, E. Dahmen, Springer, 2009.
1002: Quantum Cryptography and Secret Key Distillation
G. V. Assche, Cambridge Press, 2006.
1001: Quantum Communications and Cryptography
A. V. Sergienko, CRC Press, 2006.

History of Cryptography

0007: History of Cryptography and Cryptanalysis: Codes, Ciphers, and Their Algorithms (History of Computing)
J. F. Dooley, Springer; Edición: 1st ed. 2018 (24 de agosto de 2018).
0006: Unraveling the Voynich Codex
J. Janick, A. O. Tucker, Springer; Edición: 1st ed. 2018 (16 de agosto de 2018).
0005: The Secret History of World War II: Spies, Code Breakers, and Covert Operations
N. Kagan, S. G. Hyslop (Authors), K. W. Rendell (Foreword) , National Geographic (25 de octubre de 2016).
0004: Secret History The Story of Cryptology
C. P. Bauer, Chapman and Hall/CRC; Edición: 1 (25 de marzo de 2013).
0003: A Brief History of Cryptology and Cryptographic Algorithms
J. F. F. Dooley, Springer; Edición: 2013 (24 de septiembre de 2013).
0002: The Code Book: The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography
S. Singh, Anchor; Edición: Reprint (29 de agosto de 2000).
0001: The Codebreakers: The Comprehensive History of Secret Communication from Ancient Times to the Internet
D. Kahn, Scribner; Edición: Rev Sub (5 de diciembre de 1996).


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